Thank you for registering for the ITS Toolkit. If this is your first visit to the ITS Toolkit website, we suggest you read the downloadable Quick Guide (available here), which gives a short presentation of what the Toolkit can do and how to use it.

How do I get started on the ITS Toolkit?

The "ITS Toolkit" option on the top menu bar is the heart of this website, and enables you to find potential ITS solutions to a given transport or traffic problem or policy goal/objective, or to find out about ITS applications which fall within a given group of ITS services. This uses an intelligent inference engine to tailor suggested solutions to your needs, and allows you to access case study and evaluation summaries and reports relating to each ITS application returned by your query.

The "Search case study" option on the top menu bar is a simpler facility which allows you to directly search for the available reports (case studies and evaluations) associated with a specific ITS service, transport problem or policy goal. This option does not use the inference engine and does not provide descriptions of the different ITS solutions.

The ITS Toolkit – a brief introduction:

The 2DECIDE ITS Toolkit aims to provide a single point of access to European ITS experience. It is a decision-support tool to assist transport organisations in the selection and deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems to help them solved traffic transport problems and to address policy objectives.

The Toolkit builds on an extensive knowledge base of expert opinion on a wide range of ITS services, case studies and evaluation reports to outline the ITS measures and likely impacts for these measures relevant to user needs giving an insight into ITS deployments in Europe.

The ITS Toolkit is a starting point for establishing a central point to access ITS evaluation in Europe and shall further grow in content and quality of information and be continuously improved over the coming years.

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The ITS Toolkit is designed to integrate further knowledge on ITS evaluation and experience as the ITS deployment goes on as foreseen in the European ITS Action Plan. In case you have evaluation results relevant to the ITS Toolkit please do not hesitate to get in touch with the ITS Toolkit’s administration (evaluation@its-toolkit.eu).